Selling Property

Selling your home can be exciting, but it also takes work. You'll need to fix all those little problems you've let go for so many years. You'll need to be patient! Selling your home can take some time, depending on your local real estate market.

  • Interview several real estate agents. Tell them the reasons you want to sell your home and listen to their suggestions.
  • Take a walk through your home with the agent; this should give you an idea for how that person will handle with prospective buyers.
  • Ask the prospective agents how they are planning to market your home.
  • Listen to their presentations and their Comparative Market Analysis to determine the value of your home.
  • Listen to their suggestions on how to correct your home to the best condition possible, so you can get the top dollars from it.
  • Don't sign the listing with an agent base on the highest asking price he/she suggests.
  • Pick the one you feel comfortable working with, the one who has reasonable and best suggestion, the one who is the most honest, and the one whose manager or broker (the company) has good reputation, communicative, and can assist you in the future.